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Charmaine Solomon, LPC. RPT.
Solomon Family Services
young boy smiling
Play Therapy
Play therapy can do wonders for children struggling with emotional and behavioral issues.
  • Play therapy is a highly effective tool to teach children at their level, allowing them a safe environment to fully express and explore themselves and feel accepted, respected and esteemed.
  • Play provides a window to the invisible inner world of the child.
  • Play allows the therapist to get behind the defense mechanisms of children and to quickly get to the root of their problems.
  • Play is the most natural way for children to resolve inner conflict and heal by playing out their experiences and feelings.
  • Positive feelings accompany play, and through the sense of happiness and well being children learn to feel more positive about life, and their ability to navigate life’s difficult challenges. 
  • Children are encouraged through role-play to try out new behaviors that may never have considered before, and to experience what it feels like to behave in more positive and socially accepted ways.
  • Identifying with a toy or story character, a child’s feelings of isolation and hopelessness can be replaced by a sense that the problem is shared by others and is solvable.
  • Mastering tasks in the playroom helps children feel empowered, and improves their self-esteem.